Riyaz: What does this app do exactly?

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This tool is a practice assistant for tabla players who are conversant with the language of tabla ‘bols’. Anyone who has spent a few months learning this instrument will find this tool very useful to sharpen timing and practise common phrases.

‘Bols’ are the sounds of the tabla represented as words. This language is standardised to the point where almost any tabla player can hear or see a phrase and understand the corresponding phrase as a series of sounds on the drums.

Tablalab Riyaz will play a phrase to you and then leave a space of the same duration for you to play the phrase back. Your performance is not marked or scored – you can judge for yourself whether you are happy with your interpretation or not.

Each activity focuses on a set of ‘bols’ or a particular phrase or theme but each one centres on an important aspect of tabla phrases or rhythm structure in general. For instance, the layakari activity will focus on division of a single time duration into different subdivisions.

There’s a wide variety of phrases for most levels and abilities.

The tool aims to improve the player’s flexibility, fluidity and clarity through repeated uses of phrases in many combinations and permutations, most of which are commonly known as everyday repertoire.

These activities will not stretch advanced players but may well work as an interesting warm up or as a means to generate new ideas… and don’t forget that you can always speed up the tempo to increase the challenge.

A swipe to the left and right will change the page as well as the buttons below.

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TablaLab TalaClass for iPad

Demonstrates key exercises for sharpening rhythm skills. Speaks number divisions (microbeats) within a theka cycle to show different jatis and phrasing ideas. Activities in: teental, rupaktal, ektal, jhaptal. Hundreds of variations on key exercises in an instant. Available on the App Store or try it here first.

TablaLab Riyaz for iPad

Calls out a phrase for you to repeat. Categories of phrases include:

Warm up, ti ri ke te tak ke, dhire dhire, ge re na ge, rela and tihais. A new source of ideas and inspiration for your practice.

Available on the App Store or try it here first.