Reheaded a tabla with good results :)


I reheaded this tabla last week and was very pleased with the results. Should be able to get this one up to D. The skin was from Harkiratji and sounds great. Took much less tension than the Kolkata pudis I’ve been used to. The top end is slightly less bright but it has more of what they call the ‘full’ sound. It’s hard to keep it in tune though. One thing I struggle with is getting the end section of the strap to be tight. Getting enough tension before tying it off is very hard. Anyway, really hope this one lasts!

reheaded Rhythm tabla

Mic inside bayan

I’m just dragging this out of the archives…
I’m thinking of tweaking this mic setup after discussing the subject with tabla player friend Daniel San.
He is researching the best way to put microphones inside his drums so I pointed him to this old post from back in 2010.
This is how the post went:

I’ve finally got round to trying the old ‘mic-inside-the tabla’ idea and I think it’s going to work out a treat. I’ll post much more in detail soon. In brief though, I fitted an AKG C418 condenser mic inside the bayan and it gives a strong low-mid tone with loads of resonance and a little bit of ‘metallic ringing’ which can of course be tweaked out of the signal. Great for gigs where mic-ing in the usual way presents too many problems.

Mic inside bayan
Mic inside bayan

Sitar and tabla concert

Look out for this one!
There will be a North Indian Classical concert at St.Andrew’s Church in Hove, on Friday September 19th.
Church address is Waterloo Street, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1AQ
It will be Partha Bose on sitar and Shiv Shankar Ray and myself, Marc Clayton on tabla.
Concert starts at 8pm and costs £8 on the door.
For more details please see
This will have extra details posted soon.