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Chakardar Tabla Retreat and Shivir

Yehudi Menuhin School, Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3QQ, UK

July / August each year.

Learn tabla from maestros including, Harkirat Rayatt, Prabhu Edouard and Gurdain Rayatt. – Music of India
A well established site containing huge resources relating to Indian Classical Music.
Great forums too.


VNO Design and Engineering
A revolution of tabla design, the TransTabla makes it possible to take out slack or move full steps in seconds


Other Links

ITC Sangeet Research Academy – Know Your Raga

Ali Akbar College of Music – About the Music

Teacher database

Instruments Online


Lehra Studio – Realistic Lehara / Nagma app for iOS – Tanpura – Lehra very usable free program – Practice and compositional tools

Artist Websites

Akash – Carnatic fusion with flute and tabla, Sussex, UK

Jon Sterckx – Multipercussionist and tabla player, Stroud, UK


Online Tabla Lesson CD download by Ustad K. T. Kahn

Following links are to

52 Rhythms on Tabla
TRACK 01 – 4 Beats TRACK 02 – 6 Beats
TRACK 03 – 7 Beats TRACK 04 – 8 Beats
TRACK 05 – 9 Beats TRACK 06 – 10 Beats
TRACK 07 – 11 Beats TRACK 08 – 12 Beats
TRACK 09 – 12 Beats TRACK 10 – 13 Beats
TRACK 11 – 14 Beats TRACK 12 – 15 Beats
TRACK 13 – 16 Beats

Learn From The Gurus Of Indian Classical Music
From The Comfort Of Your Home

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