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Learning Tabla

Interactive Software for Beginners

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Version 4 of Marc’s Learning Tabla for Beginners Interactive Software is now available. You can get it direct from me for just US $20.00 / GBP £12.60 using Paypal.

Currently I am using Dropbox to share the download with you. Please be sure you are happy to receive your download (around 2GB) in this way before placing an order. Dropbox is very easy to use and will give you access to the download quickly and simply. Once I confirm your payment, I will share the Dropbox with you instantly. The download could take a few hours depending on your connection speed.

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This interactive title features:

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  • Video of strokes and compositions shot with 2 video cameras: one from the player’s point of view and one from the front
  • Compositions are clearly notated with printable sheets.
  • Teental (typical 16 beat rhythm) demonstration and notes.
  • Some useful tools to help you practise: a melody cycle (lehara) in teental and a tone based metronome.
  • A brief introduction to the instrument and Indian classical music.
  • Labelled diagram of tabla.
  • Glossary – Some definitions of terms (such as Raga, Taal, Matra, Tali, Kali, Teental, Lahra, Kaida, Tihai)
  • Course notes giving guidance to making the correct strokes and effective practice.
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Full screen mode
  • Content is cross linked to give a more fluid experience with a list of bookmarks to all content down the right side of the page.
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Learn the basic techniques. The descriptions give you guidance and clues to find the best way to play the strokes. There are numerous video clips for reference – strokes and compositions are shown.

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A video and presentation on teental . This demonstrates the most common time cycle used in classical tabla playing.

This title can also be bought on DVD (which can be posted worldwide) through the following site: 


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