TablaLab Riyaz App

Tablalab is sorry to announce that as of 2017, the Tablalab iPad apps are no longer available. I have taken a break from updating them and so I hope to re-publish them sometime in the near future. Please register your interest through the contact form or feel free to mail me should you want to give me a nudge to get on with it! Thanks, Marc

App for iPad, released 2 Feb 2013

This is a bol / phrase trainer for the Indian tabla.

Riyaz version 2 update is now available. Click here to see the new features list.

“As a tabla player myself, it became apparent to me that it would be useful to have an app which could throw out phrases for me to repeat, focussing on timing and clarity. I became aware that my practice generally focusses on one composition at a time and rarely do I try to mix up phrases. This app aims to give the player a challenge in developing a theme by repeating or improvising on a sequence of phrases as the app calls them out, in a call and return style.”

You can try the app for yourself in Flash here*. Please let me know if you have ideas to refine or improve this app for the next release.

*it’s Flash¬† this demo won’t work on a real iPad.