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TablaLab TalaClass for iPad

Demonstrates key exercises for sharpening rhythm skills. Speaks number divisions (microbeats) within a theka cycle to show different jatis and phrasing ideas. Activities in: teental, rupaktal, ektal, jhaptal. Hundreds of variations on key exercises in an instant. Available on the App Store or try it here first.

TablaLab Riyaz for iPad

Calls out a phrase for you to repeat. Categories of phrases include:

Warm up, ti ri ke te tak ke, dhire dhire, ge re na ge, rela and tihais. A new source of ideas and inspiration for your practice.

Available on the App Store or try it here first.


TablaLab Riyaz for iPad

Latest version is 2.0.1

Release date 10 Nov 2013

New version of Riyaz has the following updates:

1. New content including a ‘simple thekas and groove loops’ topic replacing the old simple thekas section.

This section works as a looper with no gaps so that the user can practice alongside the tala cycle.

It now includes keharwa, dadra, teental, ektal, rupak examples and variations

2. All new samples which are now dynamically controlled in volume throughout the content.

3. New peshkar topic which demonstrates some examples of using phrases within a teental peshkar. Khali phrases are paired with the full bass versions throughout.

4. There is now a swing switch to add groove where appropriate.. it switches on by default in the new peshkar topic.

5. Fine tuning has been added so that you can tune the app to your tabla.

6. Numerous fixes and content tweaks

7. View control button so you can turn off the display whilst you practice and save battery.

First Version was 1.0.1
Release date 1 Feb 2013

Suggestions you may add here will be considered for future updates. I hope to refine the content regularly to make this app as powerful as possible in its aims to aid practice.

All comments appreciated, thank you! Comments page is here.

Version 1.0.1 first release

This app has a number of categories of content (around 10 currently)
Generally the phrases employed are very common parts of famous kaida or rela or useful exercise patterns

These are divided up into activities:

Warm up / basics – using bols ge, te, ke, na
dha ta te phrases
ti re ki te tak ke phrases
dha ti ge na phrases
4 & 8 beat  kaherwa and laggi style phrases
dhire dhire tire tire phrases
ge re na ge phrases
rela phrases
gat phrases
simple tihais
various theka variations

Most of which is in teental only.

This content can be extended at a later date to cover much more if required.


The idea initially was that the musician hears the phrase and then repeats it in the space provided but I have found it just as effective to practice the phrase over the app’s rendition or improvise a little on the phrase as it loops.

You can set the page to loop if you want to focus on a single page or you can set each page to loop 2,3,4 or 99 times. The 99 times feature is really a way of keeping it looping for as long as you need.

The two big sliders at the bottom are to set tempo and tabla pitch. Tempo and page can be changed with swipe gestures on the actual app.

The settings / browser page will allow the user to set volume and pan for the tabla sound and a metronome click.


The audio engine is based on the open source Tonfall audio framework by Andre Michelle.
I’d like to thank my various tabla teachers over the years for providing the inspiration and sharing this amazing subject with me. I have been lucky enough to have learnt with some great players of this instrument. I hope that they appreciate my good intentions in creating this tool to help those without access to first hand musical training methods.


TablaLab Riyaz code and concept © Marc Clayton 2012 email: please use this form