Tablalab is sorry to announce that as of 2017, the Tablalab iPad apps are no longer available. I have taken a break from updating them and so I hope to re-publish them sometime in the near future. Please register your interest through the contact form or feel free to mail me should you want to give me a nudge to get on with it! Thanks, Marc

 Learning Tabla Software (Download)

This is a preview of Marc’s Introduction to Learning Tabla Software.

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Riyaz version 2 update is now available. Click here to see the new features list.


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TablaLab TalaClass for iPad

Demonstrates key exercises for sharpening rhythm skills. Speaks number divisions (microbeats) within a theka cycle to show different jatis and phrasing ideas. Activities in: teental, rupaktal, ektal, jhaptal. Hundreds of variations on key exercises in an instant. Available on the App Store or try it here first.

TablaLab Riyaz for iPad

Calls out a phrase for you to repeat. Categories of phrases include:

Warm up, ti ri ke te tak ke, dhire dhire, ge re na ge, rela and tihais. A new source of ideas and inspiration for your practice.

Available on the App Store or try it here first.